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I am an antique collector, dealer and decorating enthusiast that has a double space antique booth called Vintage Touch at the Antique Crossroads antique mall in Hagerstown, MD. I also have an eCrater vintage online store at: http://deannamoyers.ecrater.com . I enjoy my antique collections, decorating, making videos for my YouTube antique channel http://youtube.com/vintagetouch1 , selling, as well as blogging about antiques.  You are invited to visit my web page at: http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/profile/DeannaMoyers

Let me Introduce Myself....

Vintage Touch

Vintage Touch
The Lady & the Doll Symbol


Anyone going into any business needs to consider the importance of a recognizable and distinctive logo or avatar. Consistently using the recognizable avatar will help you attract more and more people as they see the coordination of ONE image to promote and advertise your merchandise. I chose my antique RAG DOLL (see above) as my distinctive image. She has become very recognizable and I use her on my return address labels, thank you notes, stickers on packages, signs, magnets, t shirts and for promoting on the internet.

Today ~ Vintage Touch Shop Space (code DRM) in Antique Crossroads, Hagerstown, MD

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#2 Start Small

Many times people enter into the antique business venture too quickly and make costly mistakes.  I started small & by that I mean, I did not begin buying expensive antiques before I knew what the market price was for these pieces, and then later discovering i was unable to sell them.  I started with moderate priced things, I took many field trips to see how things were priced in shops, and made mental notes of prices that pieces were bringing at auction, as well as learning ABOUT the pieces themselves so I could know WHAT I was purchasing.  Starting out small allowed me to build inventory, build capital, and bring me to place where I was more confident in being able to recognize pieces from my period of interest which was 19th century antiques. 

The Vintage Touch Start

The Vintage Touch Start
I started Selling Vintage @ Antique Yard Sales

And Selling on Ebay Auctions

In the beginning around the year 2000, I got my first digital camera and started selling on Ebay auctions. It was an exciting time of learning and I gained loads of knowledge in those years.
My Ebay Profile Page can be accessed at: Vintage Touch Ebay Profile

And Then it was ONE BOOTH SPACE

And Then it was ONE BOOTH SPACE
as I learned the antique mall business

#4 Make your Shop Attractive!

Presentation plays a huge part in marketing your antiques. Providing an attractive arrangement that is easy to access, that is open and inviting and doesn't make the shopper cringe, is a large part of what will give you success in what you do. See my blog on 'Dressed for Success' to help you with this idea.

Virtual Tour of Vintage Touch Shop Space


In 2009 I decided to expand my shop space to two spaces joined together. I used graph paper with the dimensions of my stationary items that I use for display such as showcases etc. I worked out a footprint of how I wanted my space to look and designed it with an open, inviting well lighted feel. I've never regretted my time and effort that went into this process because it has paid off.

Vintage Touch Shop Space

Vintage Touch Shop Space
One View

Deanna on a Road Trip

Deanna on a Road Trip
Visiting Antique Archeology in Nashville

2010 Launced My VINTAGE TOUCH eCrater ONLINE Store

In 2010 I decided to try my hand at an online store. I didn't know how it would turn out and didn't know how much time I would have to devote to it, so I chose a 100% free store site called eCrater Marketplace and opened my Vintage Touch store. It wasn't long till I had my first sale, and I've enjoyed selling on eCrater tremendously. This store has become a 'shopping cart' for people who see things on my web page that are on display in my B&M store. I can just transfer the item to my eCrater store and their purchase can easily be made. I sell vintage merchandise as well as antiques in my online store.
Vintage Touch eCrater Store

Vintage Touch eCrater Online Store

Vintage Touch eCrater Online Store
Selling Vintage Collectibles & Antiques

Early Lighting Lamps, Candlesticks, & Lighting Accessories For Sale

School House Antiques For Sale

Pharmaceutical, Medical Bottles, Advertisment & Equipment

GARDEN & OUTDOOR Antiques & Collectibles FOR SALE

ADVERTISING Antique & Collectibles - FOR SALE

Sewing Antiques & Collectibles

Antique Haul #3

Vanity & Bath Antiques & Accessories FOR SALE

Antique Haul #5

Be on the Search for Antiques - Antique Haul #8

Always on a Treasure Hunt

Always on a Treasure Hunt
For the things I sell

Organization is the KEY